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To Lia With Love ~ Photography Exhibit Toronto CANADA December 7th 2016

Recent travels to Europe have enthused Rosalia’s passion for photography and most importantly her wish to share it with those who have an open mind and love for art.

Her first collection entitled “To Lia with Love”, is dedicated to her 101 year old grandmother who recently passed this past September 2016.

“Nonna Lia was like a mother to me; not only did she raise me but it is thanks to the many trips we took together that I was fortunate enough at a very young age to explore the art, beauty ,history and cultural vitality of Italy".

This first collection capturing colourful landscapes and architectural vignettes is inspired by the beautiful cities of Southern Italy including Rome, Pompei,the treasured island of Procida and the magical seaside towns of Positano and the Amalfi Coast.

The To Lia with Love collection is showcased all of this December 2016 to January 30th 2017 in Toronto at Baka Gallery Cafe located in Toronto's fine neighbourhood of Bloor West Village.

* Each of the pieces are on sale and can be purchased through management of the gallery or directly at

Please be advised that each photo has been printed on quality watercolour or matt paper and exclusively custom framed.

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