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Modern Space Saving Furniture That looks Great!

We all dream of having the perfect home and that includes having more and more space. However, more space means a bigger investment.

Today our market is pushing young families and single professionals to settle into smaller living quarters mostly condo's and lofts. As a designer I refuse to compromise on quality and functional design. There are many great ways to save space and still have a gorgeous look in your home.

One of many solutions is to invest in functional furnishings that convert from home offices to bedrooms. Although these gorgeous and incredible functional systems are a bit more exclusive they truly make life more comfortable. Consider design that can grow with your family, much like this design below that functions as a study-bedroom for a child, tween or simply a sleek modern home office that can easily accommodate that occasional guest.

Remember design and beauty should never be compromised by space. There is alway the perfect solution.

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