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Working from Home? Do it in Style

Whether a space is dedicated to domestic admin, hobbies or your job, setting up a comfortable and practical working area is one of the best investments you can make no matter what size your home may be.


Here are just a few tips on what to consider when planning your home work space or study zone.

Your home-working environment should offer the same level of elegance, comfort and practicality as the rest of your house. A great way to ensure functionality and style is a careful combination of a sleek contemporary desk with a built in. This way you can tidy your computer and paperwork behind closed doors, perfect if your home office is part of another room.

Instead of trying to hide a desk in a corner make it a focal feature in your space. Either as a free standing set up or up against a wall.

* To the left is our Pinterest Board of inspiring Home Office spaces and study areas.

When planning furniture for a sewing room or similar craft area think outside the box, as a desk is only one solution. Don't be afraid to be super creative!

To own your workspace in the true sense, ensure all the items you need are stored within arm’s reach. To personalize your office, it’s always great to have a noticeboard above your work surface or on an interactive board on a nearby wall.

Extend your workplace by placing a desk in front of a built-in shelf for both extra storage and clear surface space. Sitting comfortably is also a must. A good chair should be supportive of your body allowing for easy movement, consider a chair that has a dynamic adjustment and integrated lumbar support.

Remember functionality is key when planning but never compromise style, make your work space as beautiful and personal as the rest of your home.

Having a comfortable and inviting work space will ensure motivation and the best work results!!!

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