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Comfort in Your Kitchen

For over a decade now open concept has blurred the lines between kitchen, dining and living rooms. Many of these spaces no longer consist of dining chairs and stools; today we see sofas, settee’s and beautifully upholstered chairs sharing the space where we cook and eat.

Today’s lifestyle is all about creating comfort and beauty especially in areas where you spend much time. Kitchens have become much less of a place to simply prepare meals, and more of a space for family and friends to gather, cook together and relax .

Sofa’s are an elegant way to separate spaces but they’re also used as an alternative to banquettes to create an instant breakfast or dining area where built-ins once existed.

From a functional perspective stay away from light coloured upholstery or delicate velvets that will stain and mark easily; unless of course you are prepared for the upkeep. Consider easily removable upholstery for fast and easy cleaning.

Don’t be afraid to mix different styles a contemporary design allows for a complimentary combination of textures and lines such as a classic chair with a more modern sofa. Being original almost always guarantees a beautiful and personal space.

Take a look at the slideshow above illustrating some of the greatest open space designs and trend.

*all images copyright of Pinterest.

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