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Living the dream on the Amalfi Coast

Italy is a country where many travel to for it’s renown culture that embraces fashion, food, history , architecture , art and of course it’s breathtaking landscapes. In the recent months I’ve immersed myself into the colorful mediterranean lifestyle of the Amalfi coast and it’s neighboring towns. It’s a magical place filled with extraordinary gardens and villas that are virtually impossible to describe. The influence of rich bold colors are everywhere the eye can reach from cupolas adorned in bright majolica tiles to the most captivating fragrant bougainvillea blooms you’ll ever see!

Most recently I was able to share all of this beauty and romance at a spectacular location called Villa Cimbrone located in Ravello. Just a few weeks ago Hotel Villa Cimbrone hosted one of the most anticipated weddings of 2018. Thanks to Andrea Riccio , the architect and founder of Wedding Solution I was able to contribute to this unforgettable occasion which brought together the world’s leading event planners, designers and artists.

As we all know all great concepts and design needs a structure and that is exactly what Wedding Solution designed and custom crafted. The wedding design included custom floating pavements for a magical walk to the alter to a perfect stage for an A list band of musicians and artists including Andrea Bocelli. The most revered piece was an extraordinarily over the top arch designed together with the world famous Wedding Planner Preston Bailey. Each of these elements of course were adorned by Preston Bailey’s unique floral creations brought to life by a local award wining florist and his team Armando Malefronte .This fairytale event adorned with thousands of flowers and luxurious details was organized by New York based { Jennifer Zabinski} JZ Events and thanks to their international associates including Francesca Fiore and Gregory Van Glaanen Weygel.

The world of luxury weddings shares the same philosophy and appreciation for exclusivity and quality that is fundamental to luxury residential design. Our passion for great things starts on our wedding day but it continues into our home; creating a space that is welcoming and that reflects one’s personality and dreams is key to a bespoke design.

Amalfi, Positano, Ravello are just a few of the most renown towns of the Amalfi Coast. These fairytale like places are not only ideal for destination weddings but also a place where you can aspire a coastal living style to any home in the world.

To me “ Amalfi Coast Lifestyle” evokes all of ones senses, to design a client's home with this style means interpreting a philosophy and landscape that is vibrant, strong and beloved by anyone who visits. “

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