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Colour Inspirations : We need colour around us.

We need color around us, in the natural world and in our homes, on our walls and floors, in our textiles and art. Despite this need to surround ourselves with color, finding the right colors for interior decor can be a daunting prospect, and inspiration can seem far away. But it is not that distant. Color, in all its forms, is interwoven firmly into our lives throughout history, eyewitness accounts of events, places or people nearly always make some reference to the colors of the scene described - color costume, of decoration, and the surrounding landscape.

So, when you are searching for ideas, study carefully the history of art and design and that which is around you now, decoration, fashion, art, nature - inspiration is not as elusive as you might think. 

Paintings are strong source of colour inspiration. This applies not only to the colors that artists have used harmoniously, but also in the way in which groups such as the impressionists and the post-impressionist used paint in the very precise manner, putting small points of color separately, but next to each other, so that in close up a dense mosaic of identifiable color can be seen, while at a distance something completely different appears. 

( This technique is known a pointillist )

Whether you find your inspiration in a museum or an art gallery, from the pages of a magazine, or walking down the street, the interesting thing is that each and every source, indeed all applied color. When we are inspired by the tones in a painting we can remember that the artist arrived at that particular effect through her wish to re-create the shades and tones of the world around her. 

Certain colours and tones are indelibly associated with places and countries.

The colours of southern Italy, and the hills of the Amalfi coast and of the Mediterranean are a great burst of colourful inspiration for many colour schemes in décor and textiles.

It is essential to consider that natural light in a space before selecting colours.

All the colours in any scheme will be affected by what one might call external influences; what is outside a window, whether it is the strength of the sunlight, the colour of the sky, the surrounding buildings, or nature’s perfect combinations which you can always trust to be your perfect guide to selecting any colour for your home.

What is your favourite source of inspiration? I would have to saw that mine if most often fashion and textiles.

Colour is life !! Colour is emotion ! Colour is happiness . Colour is wellness .

#colourstories a design chapter to fill our #quarantine days

txt source book @carolineCliftonMogg

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