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What's your Happy Colour?

Colour is not a luxury. It is an essential.

It is so much part of us and so much part of our lives that it is easy to get out of the habit of really thinking about it in a concentrated manner, about the extraordinary variety of shades and tones that are available, and what they mean to us.

For many colour can be both the easiest and hardest element in interior decoration. We accept it totally; we would be lost without it; we expect to use it in our homes, and we expect to use it to best effect. Colour bestows life to everything around it, reason enough to use it and use it boldly.

We often take colour for granted, without thinking about how to really apply it or which colours would be right for us to live and work with. Like any other discipline, the use of colour benefits from consideration.

Which colours do you empathize with? Which colour do you recall with pleasure or longing ?

A good way to start the process of choices is to put together a scrapbook about single colours and colour combinations that you are drawn to, a fragment of material, plain or patterned, old or new; clippings from magazines showing rooms that use colour in an interesting way; postcards of paintings or illustrations. That is the first part of choosing the right scheme: identify the colours you would be happiest living with. The second part is the practical element: to find out how your choice of colour will look in real life.

My greatest source of inspiration to date has been the time I spent living in Naples and its neighbouring seaside towns like the Ravello and Cetara.

Today most of my inspiration still comes from there and the people that I’ve met along the way. My favourite colour is yellow in combination with blue set on a stark white background just as you see in this incredible still life photo taken by JoAnne Barbara Dunn which is an example of the bold colours that make me most happy and that I would instinctively bring into my home.

Yellow is my happy colour.

What is yours?

Colour is life !! Colour is emotion ! Colour is happiness . Colour is wellness .

#colourstories a design chapter to fill our #quarantine days

txt source book @carolineCliftonMogg

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